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In Suomy 2013 is the year of the launch of the new helmet SR-SPORT.

The SR-SPORT helmet enters the racing market at the top, it is dedicated for sure to the riders of maxi super racing motorcycle and it substitutes the successful Excel.

It’s the leading helmet and technologically speaking it represents what Suomy learnt with the eight World Titles Superbike of last years.

It is produced in Tricarboco, the special blend of fiberglass, Kevlar and carbon of Suomy, it combines a greater safety to the lightness. The thermoformed shield is antiscratch and antifog in addition to its optical features, therefore any additional antifog film is needed. This is a very important aspect in the extreme use. Just planned for racing the helmet has a racing shield with tear off set up. There’s no point in speaking of removable, washable and customizable with different thickness inner liner, the main feature of this helmet it the high aerodynamics , tested in the wind tunnel through a simulation with a super-racing motorcycle, therefore not with static test. A full ventilation allows a pleasant use even if the rider is under stress and use it with high temperature. It is another example of the excellent production 100% made in Italy. The retail price in the graphic version (the most expensive) is € 499,00 Vat included.

It is available in eight Suomy style graphics and three plain colours and it will be on the market starting from the month of February.